My teaching record includes:

  • High quality supervision of course work and research Masters students (Transdisciplinary Area) 
  • High quality supervision of PhD students in the Health and Medical Informatics research arena (e.g. eHealth, Health Information Technology and Digital Health)
  • A high standard of teaching in advanced courses (Application Programming, Databases, Datawarehousing for DSS and Data Science) including Work Experience, Industry Based Learning (IBL), Capstone Projects and Work Integrated Learning (WIL)
  • Design and preparation of new courses with innovative teaching and assessment methods (Cybersecurity and Digital Health).
Course Development

Cybersecurity Principles
Network Security Operations

Introduction to Cybersecurity
Privacy and Confidentiality
Safety, Crime and Disruptions
Compliance, Standards and Legal Protection
Human factors and Ethical Behaviour
Technical challenges and Technical solutions
Risk Prediction, Analysis and Management
Policies, Legislation and Procedures
Case studies
International Strategies and Cyber Disaster Response

Learning & Teaching Fellowship
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Security Management
  • Research in Project Management
  • Research Projects
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Leadership in IT Project Management
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Computer & Network Security
  • Databases
  • Industry Based Learning (IBL)
    • Work Integrated Learning (WIL)
    • Capstone Projects
  • Information Technology Management
  • Data Warehouse for Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • Software Internationalisation
  • Application Programming
  • Computer Programming
Learning and Teaching research projects

Learning & Teaching Funding Received

AUD 700k